Connection road P2: Biljevina – Razloge – Hrvatsko


The best way to reach the lake karst emerald source i.e. the source of the Kupa River is to take the P2 connection road. But, as its name implies, you can use it to connect the Kupa Valley and the area of Crni Lug in the opposite way.
Riding from Gerovo direction towards Crni Lug, not far before Malo Selo, you will notice on your left side a crossroads with asphalt road that will take you to the source of the Kupa River and the Kupa Valley. If you turn left, after 2 km on the narrow road you will descend first to reach the Biljevina village and after another 2.5 km you will reach Razloški Okrug where you turn right in the direction of Razloge.

In Razloge, which is another 4 km away, you will find the Risnjak National Park info kiosk as well as the beginning of a mountain trail along which you will, in some 30 minutes, arrive to one of the most beautiful mountain views – source of the Kupa River. Continue to descend steeply from Razloge through the canyon of the Kupa River towards Hrvatsko which is another 5 km away.
Due to a steep, windy but very attractive road, we recommend you to be extra cautious.

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