Ravna Gora


Ravna Gora - Vrbovsko - Brod Moravice - Brod na Kupi - Skrad - Kupjak - Ravna Gora
bullet-max 852 m
bullet 222 m
bullet 65 km ic-distance-long
ROAD Physical difficulty 4/5

Route statistics

Starting point
Ravna Gora
65 km
Total ascent
1400 m
Highest point
852 m
Lowest point
222 m
Physical difficulty

A ride through Ravna Gora, a village stretching along the Karolina road adorned with the charm of the old times, towards Stara Sušica. Here lies the Frankopan Castle, the historic jewel of Gorski Kotar, hidden in the centuries-old pinewood forest. There follows a downhill ride to Vrbovsko, one of the oldest and most beautiful settlements. We leave the Karolina road and continue exploring the historic Luisiana road, which leads from Vrbovsko to Brod Moravice, the area that hosts the most sacral buildings and the oldest house in the village – Delač House.

Before us is an interesting descent to the Kupa Valley, where Empress Maria Theresa had planned to build a waterway, but it never came to fruition. In Brod na Kupi visit Zrinski Castle which hosts a permanent exhibition of the Rijeka Natural History Museum. After the Kupa Valley we continue towards Skrad and again on the Luisiana road to Kupjak. On your way back to Ravna Gora stop on the Juretić estate in Leskova Draga, where time has stopped more than a hundred years ago.

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