V02ROAD 01


Vrbovsko - Litorić - Orlova stijena - Plemenitaš - Lukovdol - Nadvučnik - Vrbovsko
bullet-max 705 m
bullet 343 m
bullet 36 km ic-distance-long
TREK Physical difficulty 3/5 Technical difficulty 2/5

Route statistics

Starting point
36 km
Total ascent
730 m
Highest point
705 m
Lowest point
343 m
Physical difficulty
Technical difficulty

From the centre of Vrbovsko we ride to the main Luisiana road in the direction of Hajdin and after 1.5 km we turn right towards the Litorić excursion site where there is a hunting lodge with accompanying facilities. Dense forest and deep shade will soon be replaced by the view of the Kupa River and the Kupa Valley from Orlova stijena, a viewpoint offering one of the most beautiful views.

After a break, we continue down the Gorski Kotar Bike Traverse to Plemenitaš, where the various art workshops are held in the summer, and then Lukovdol – the birthplace of Ivan Goran Kovačić. Visit the memorial museum before returning to Vrbovsko.

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