Experience Gorski Kotar through cycling challenge.

Picturesque mountains, silence of the forest, karst caves and rocks, the beauty of lakes and rivers...
This is Gorski Kotar on a bicycle.

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Enjoy the views, listen to the sounds, smell the freshness, feel the earth below you, and taste the regional cuisine. Gorski Kotar is prepared to delight your senses and challenge your cycling skills.


The Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar

The Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar is a cycling trail linking up the natural, historic, cultural and culinary attraction in towns and municipalities of this delightful mountainous region. The trail meanders along the old and little used forest tracks and paths and will be to the taste of those who seek virgin nature and can tackle rather demanding terrain…

Our trail allows you to experience the entire area of Gorski Kotar in several stages – planning your cycling holiday day by day. There are 7 stages ranging from 28-43 km with a total distance of 260 km. With the addition of 9 branch routes it totals an impressive 400 km of unique enjoyment.


Cycling routes

New capillary cycling routes of Gorski Kotar include: 33 routes, of which 3 road, 9 trekking and 21 MTB.

The new cycling trails are of the same length and difficulty and are not overly demanding because the configuration of the Gorski Kotar terrain is already difficult for some cyclists.
Given that all new trails are interconnected and form a network that, together with the existing Cycling Trail of Gorski Kotar, covers the entire Gorski Kotar region and the trails are mostly 25 to 30 kilometers long, those who want to cycle longer distance can move from one trail to another easily.

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Gorski Kotar

Cradled between the continental Croatia and its coastal regions, Gorski kotar offers beautiful scenery simply ideal for a relaxing holiday, equally rich in cultural sights and natural attractions.

Being so close to the sea and yet far from the hustle and bustle, the region offers peace and quiet throughout the year. During the summer months the air is pleasantly fresh and in the winter the area transforms into a snowy idyll that exists only on old postcards.


Attractions in Gorski Kotar


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