Natural attractionsČogrlja Lake

One of the most beautiful little mountain lakes, the Čogrlja Lake, is located on the bottom of a hill, by the edge of coniferous forest giving it, during summer months, special freshness and peace. It was created thanks to the Vučinić (Čogrlja) family that, in the far 1919, built a dam and calmed down the Studeno source. The lake is made of five little sources that flow down in the lake from which the “Vede” waterfall runs out and which was once used as drive for small saw-mills and mill itself and are today damaged and abandoned.

Around the lake, by the forest edge, is a walking path where you can see the beauty of lakes, visit sources and if you are patient and have a good sight you will see the most beautiful lake inhabitant – the brown trout. There is also a small cave close to lake that is connected to the legend. It says that during the period of dangerous cholera, a certain woman dreamt that water from the cave should be drunk and spruce needles should be burnt. People did what the woman told them and the cholera passed away.