Connection road P8: Vrbovsko – Ravna Gora


It is one of the most demanding connection roads as its longest part is a large ascent. Of course, if you are heading from Vrbovsko towards Ravna Gora. The story is completely different in the opposite direction. However, regardless the ascent, this part of Karolina road can be experienced in a different way only if riding a bike.

Ride from Vrbovsko through the Karolina road across the Dobra River. Ascent first through Senjsko and then through Jablan for almost 8 km to reach Stara Sušica. Just before the castle, the most recognized symbol of Stara Sušica, the ascent becomes easier. There are another 7 km of mostly easy ascent and just before the end an easy descend to the centre of Ravna Gora.

Length: 14,5 km
Highest point: 
850 m
Lowest point: 
390 m
Total ascent: Vrbovsko – Ravna Gora: 670 m / Ravna Gora – Vrbovsko: 205 m

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