Educational attractionsMountain Garden on Karolina

The instructive mountain senses garden on Karolina is the presentation of autochthonus mountain garden whilst as the first thematic garden in Gorski Kotar provides rural introduction to the region with tradition of gardening, cultural heritage and customs of this area.
The garden has been divided according to themes, it has instructive aspect suitable for lessons in nature and visit of larger groups, workshops and it is surrounded by mountain streams and fresh water source. It has been furnished for play, entertainment and rest area and it is accessible to disabled people.

By visiting the first thematic Mountain Karolina Garden in Gorski Kotar you will meet the history of the Karolina road, gardening customs, old tools, development of gardens through past, you can taste liqueurs, jams, juices and fruit. The offer also includes daily rent of garden for relaxation and barbecue, baking lid, kettle and Karolina’s basket with garden fruits can also be used.