V03ROAD 02


Fužine - Gornje Jelenje - Mrzla Vodica - Lokve - Delnice - Ravna Gora - Mrkopalj - Fužine
bullet-max 1025 m
bullet 703 m
bullet 70 km ic-distance-long
ROAD Physical difficulty 3/5

Route statistics

Starting point
70 km
Total ascent
1250 m
Highest point
1025 m
Lowest point
703 m
Physical difficulty

This attractive road links the historic Karolina and Luisiana roads, so do not hesitate to dive into the past and the time when the roads that gave life to Gorski Kotar were built. We start from Fužine along the Lake Bajer shoreline to the main road to Gornje Jelenje. Here begins the old original route of the most modern mountain road built in 1811. At the highest point of the Luisiana road, Ravno podolje, take a break and enjoy the magnificent view towards the east.

In Mrzla Vodica visit a beautiful carved stone bridge. The Nature House in Lokve invites you to taste the well-known autochthonous liquors Papra, Plava mrča and San Hubert. After a good lunch in Delnice, take the Luisiana road towards Veliki Vodnjak, a viewpoint that simply invites you to make a break. In Kupjak you leave the Luisiana road and start the adventure on another historical and tourist road ‘Karolina’ connecting Ravna Gora, Mrkopalj and Fužine.

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