Tršće - Vrhovci - Parg - Kozji Vrh - Milanov vrh - Tršće
bullet-max 1035 m
bullet 800 m
bullet 24 km ic-distance-long
TREK Physical difficulty 3/5 Technical difficulty 2/5

Route statistics

Starting point
24 km
Total ascent
620 m
Highest point
1035 m
Lowest point
800 m
Physical difficulty
Technical difficulty

Start from the centre of Tršće and explore the surrounding hamlets of Lazi and Vrhovci. Lazi hosts a little oasis for an adrenaline-fuelled holiday. Return to the main road and continue about 6 km towards Prezid. When you reach Kozji Vrh, turn left into dense fir tree forest. A ride in the fresh mountain air takes you to Milanov vrh where you will be captivated by the sight of red deer game in an enclosed area. Continue downhill on the macadam road towards Tršće. On your way back, check out the 3 km long educational trail of the predators and discover the flora and fauna of Gorski Kotar from the interpretation boards.

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