Stage E6: Crni Lug – Fužine

Crni Lug – Mrzla Vodica – Gornje Jelenje – Fužine
bullet-max 935 m
bullet 710 m
bullet 28 km ic-distance-long

Stage statistics

Starting point
Crni Lug
Finishing point
28 km
Total ascent
790 m
Highest point
935 m
Lowest point
710 m

From the centre of Crni Lug ride in the direction of Mrzle Vodice. But, if you want to arrive directly in Delnice, you can take the main road Crni Lug – Delnice (P4).

Crni Lug is, however, surrounded by green meadows and dark coniferous forest after which the same place was named. Crni Lug is often also the starting point for visiting Risnjak, Snježnik and spring of the Kupa River whilst in its very centre is situated the “Risnjak” National Park Administration with the main entrance to the park and “Leska” instructive trail that you should not miss out. The mountain cycling transverse will take you from Crni Lug towards Mrzle Vodice. You can turn right from the main road in Zelin Mrzlovodički and through the area named Mountain Paradise reach Lokve (P5).
In Mrzle Vodice you will first see two lakes – each at one side of the road. The Mrzlica Lake on your right side will fascinate you with a gleam of mountain forests and meadows, whilst on your left side will appear the Omladinsko or Lokve Lake created by the construction of a dam in Lokve in 1954. Besides that, the lake hides the original part of the Lujzijana road, the most modern road of its period that was connecting Rijeka and Karlovac for more then 200 years and which was drowned after the lake was created. Passing over the bridge which divides two mentioned lakes you will pass by the “Carev most” (Emperor’s Bridge) catering facility called after an old drowned stone bridge on Lujzijana road that can be seen exclusively when the water level of the Lokve Lake is low.

Then you climb up from the lake through the Mrzle Vodice village towards the Osoj area – one of the most beautiful parts of Lujzijana and the stage, from which a beautiful view over Risnjak and surrounding hills is spread. Through serpentines you will reach Ravno Podolje – the highest point of the old Lujzijana road after which you descend through the Lepenica weekend settlement to one of the most famous mountain passes of Gornje Jelenje. After you reach the main road, turn left and if you still had not got enough of forest vastness, on the same crossroads you can turn right and after 600 metres turn right again towards Risnjak and Platak.

Continue from Gornje Jelenje in the direction of Delnice and after 700 metres turn on the gravel road on your right side. Pass by several weekend houses and start to descend towards the bed of the Lepenica stream. After descending, on your left side will appear the Lepenica Scout Hut with a very interesting house surroundings and a stream. Then continue along the gravel road following the Lepenica stream and after 3 km you will reach the crossroads with gravel road taking you right, under the Rijeka – Zagreb highway, towards Karolina road and Benkovac Fužinski village. On the same crossroads continue straight and after 4 km ride following Lepenica Lake you will reach the crossroads with asphalt road on which you turn right. Pass by the “Vrelo” ranch on which you can try to ride a horse and you will soon reach the crossroads on which you can choose from which part of the lake you want to arrive to the centre of Fužine. If you turn right you will pas across the dam of the Lepenica accumulation lake and continue along the right bank of Bajer Lake to reach Fužine. We suggest you to turn left as after 300 m the entrance to the Vrelo cave will appear. Although only 300 metres long, it’s beauty is fascinating and enriched by cave decorations. Due to a mild terrain configuration and without any stair in it, it is the only cave in Europe arranged for tourist visits which can be visited by people of all ages, children, elders and even disabled person in wheelchairs.

Continue your ride from the cave along the Bajer Lake banks and soon you will reach the centre of Fužine – a settlement located 730 metres above sea level, surrounded by picturesque mountains, silence of hundred year old coniferous forests and beauty of its lakes. You will hardly experience Fužine in the best possible way if you remain here just for a day. Besides on your bike, you can explore Fužine area and particularly the Bajer Lake on foot, by boat, by little train or by carriage.